Wakera Goggle 2 Build-in 5.8 G/8 Channel Receivers FPV Video Gla

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Wakera Goggle 2 Build-in 5.8 G/8 Channel Receivers FPV Video Glasses

Wakera Googgle2-1

Wakera Googgle2

  • The built-in 5.8G B segment 8 channel receiver
  • You can do the standard AV signal output terminal
  • Composite video (NTSC/PAL) will all turn into VGA (60Hz) model of the center signal distance can be adjusted freely
  • The built-in head tracking system
  • Press the channel toggle switch, level up and down and move around glasses, camera tilt will drive the camera corresponding to level up and down motion
  • AV input and output functions
  • Glasses inside the wireless receiver to the video and audio signal, through the AV cable and on to the DVD/TV display image and sound
  • Center distance can be adjusted freely
  • According to different people to adjust the center distance, let vision to achieve the best effect, ergonomic design, light and portable, comfortable to wear
  • Video glasses imaging effect
  • Angular field of view (F0V): 32 degrees

Wakera Googgle2-2

Wakera Googgle2-3

Wakera Googgle2-4



  • Brightness / contrast adjustment key: increas
  • e the brightness before and after direction poke to reduce /, about the direction of the toggle to reduce / increase the contrast.
  • Receive the power switch: this switch control receiving module power supply. When the video source through the AV data line, please turn off the video receiving module to avoid conflict.
  • The 5.8G receiving channel selection: increase / channel volume reduction caused by posterior direction toggle will. When changing the channel sends out sounds, issued voices long of the channel bottom and top.
  • Head tracking reset: press the toggle switch is activated channel
  • Low voltage alarm: alarm sound when the input voltage is lower than 7.0V

Wakera Googgle2-5

Wakera Googgle2-6

Wakera Googgle2 Parameters:

  • Image resolution: actine array 3*640*480pixels
  • Pixel size: 14.1um*14.1um/color dots pitch
  • Display project size: 9.0mm*6.8mm (object line 0.44 inches)
  • Virtual image size: 72 inches (far distance 2M) market angle (FOV): 32 degrees
  • Exit pupil diameter: 25mm
  • Exit pupil distance: 30mm
  • Power supply voltage: DC 7-12V
  • Size: 170*77*44mm (length * width * height)
  • Weight: about 165G
  • Working environment: 0 degrees C-45 degrees C
  • Storage environment: -20 degrees C-70 degrees C

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