WFT09S 2.4GHz 9 Channels Transmitter

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High speed, high resolution, multilingual menu 2.4GHz 9 channel R/C system

2.4GHz 9 channels R/C System(Multilingual Menu, 4096 Resolution)

Model: WFT09S

Use in: airplane, helicopter, glider, car, boat

Band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz, 35MHz, 36MHz, 40MHz, 41MHz, 72MHz, 75MHz

Output power: <= 100Mw (2.4GHz) <= 750mW (35MHz-75MHz)

Modulation: PPM/PCMS 1024/PCMS 4096

85- model memory

RF module: individual


Resolution: 4096

Power: 9.6-12V

Mix: PROG.NOR.MIX (7 series) PROG.CUR.MIX (4 series)

High Speed, High Resolution, optimized 2.4GHz PCMS 4096 " High Speed, Silk-like smooth"

Convenient stick adjustment, make you free usage

Tree-like Multilayer Menu, human oriented design, easy controlling

Excellent white LED backlight, less visual tiredness

132 * 64 FSTN LCD screen

10 point curve (in any X and Y direction edition), easy complex curve adjustment

Data transfer function, easy teaching and learning

Multi-function, intuitive data setting, easy checking

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